We Can Do This Now is a song inspired by Greta Thunberg’s speech

“Our House Is On Fire”

 Adapted & composed by Singer/Songwriter Quincy Coleman

Lyric Video

Environmental Justice

Racial Justice


I want you to panic
Now is the time to speak more clearly
Our house is on fire
Still everything is in our hands

Run as fast as you can
Run TAKE ACTION that’s the plan

You say nothing in life is black or white
That’s a dangerous lie
The solution is as black and white as it gets
So don’t forget

I don’t want your hope
I don’t want you to be hopeful just be noble now

I want you to panic
Then I want you to act

We Can Do This
We Can Do This
We Can Do This
We Can Do This Now…We MUST Do This Now
We Can Do This Now

Produced & Arranged by Jonas Sorman

Mixed by Steve Postell
Mastered by Ira Ingber
Drums Russ Kunkel
Guitars Jonas Sorman & Steve Postell
Percussion Russ Kunkel & MB Gordy
Keyboards Jonas Sorman
Engineered by Jonas Sorman, Steve Postell & Sam Ventura

Creative Consultant Matt Boren

Feat. Chris Pierce & The Saints of St. Pete
The West Los Angeles Children’s Choir Directed by Barbara Klaskin Silberg

Additional Co-Creating Vocals:
Erik Tornblom
Geoff Pearlman
Geraldine Planchart
Hide Ikumo
Jesper Sjoberg
Johanna Pauli
Jonas Sorman
Kamini Natarajan
Kimberly Haynes
Michael McGlone
Rachel Pollack
Santino De La Tore
Shane Alexander
Sollebrunn Musik
Steve Postell
Vecelina Minkovski

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